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How Time Change Affects Hedgehogs

· Hedgehogs

If you own a hedgehog then you’ve most likely figured out that these little guys are nocturnal meaning they like to sleep during the day and play at night. It’s an odd schedule as you may not get to see your hedgehog up and about very often. However, the schedule changes when time changes in the fall and spring. In the fall, you will be moving your clock back an hour. Your hedgehog may be used to getting up to eat and play at 8 p.m. which on the new time is 7 p.m. This is actually a nice benefit to time change because now you’re up with your hedgehog. Your hedgehog may also go back to sleep sooner in the morning hours giving you more time to sleep in peace and quiet. Eventually your hedgehog will adjust; however, he may show behavioral changes due to time changes. Not to worry, just call your London, ON veterinary clinic.

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